Simple Ways To Maximize Art Sales

Every artist wants to sell art but how that’s accomplished often seems mysterious.  I’m here to take a bit of the mystery out of why some artists sell well and some don’t.  Contrary to what you might think, selling art isn’t necessarily about the art itself or even the price. The key is presentation.  Whether you are selling at an art fair, craft show, or an event like Artomatic, these tips will help you sell more art.  Maximize Art Sales

Always Finish the Sides of Your Canvases

Finish the Sides of Your Canvases

If you display works on canvases without a frame, make sure you finish the sides by painting them black or a complementary color.  When you hang naked art with messy, unfinished sides, potential clients will look at the piece being much more expensive than what your price tag says.  Why? Because after they buy it, they’ll have to pay more money to frame it.  If you finish the sides, it will look nice without a frame which allows the patron to buy the piece and hang it on their wall immediately.  The frame then becomes an option they can explore later.  Maximize Art Sales

Use Clean, Undamaged Frames

Too often I see artists who display artwork with frames that are dirty, scratched, or outright damaged.  When a potential patron sees this, they immediately think they will need to reframe the piece. Framing is expensive.  Everyone knows this.  They will also be thinking that the sales price includes a beat-up frame, something they don’t want to pay for.  Most people will not contact the artist to ask for a price without the frame. Why? Because they don’t want to offend or seem cheap, among other reasons. Additionally, why should they? The bottom line is that you lost a sale because of a bad picture frame.

Make It Easy for People to Buy

Clearly marked prices, readily available contact information, multiple payment options, and clearly defined pickup dates / times / locations are vital to making a sale.  People will not contact you any of that information 9 times out of 10. Don’t make people jump through hoops just to figure out how to buy your art.  If you want to sell, make it easy to buy.  It really is that simple.  Emailing or calling to find out basic information is not easy.  

The Bottom Line

The rules of selling art are changing.  If you are showing online or in public venues not controlled by a gallery, you need to adapt to the location and your clientele.  Too many artists get stuck in the mindset that selling art is somehow different than selling other things.  It isn’t.  This is the 21st century and no one cares how it was done in the 1960s, and neither should you.

Don’t give people reasons not buy and you’ll sell more.  It’s a simple idea but one that is very much overlooked.  Remember, being a self-produced artist means the rules of the traditional gallery world do not apply.  If you try to use them outside of the traditional gallery world you’ll be making your life, and your career, many times more difficult than it should be.  These tips will help you maximize art sales every time.