Off The Wall Night – The Very Basics

You spent your time, effort, passion, and energy creating your art.  Your client liked it enough to give you their hard-earned money for it.  Respect your work.  Respect your client.  Wrap, bag, or box your art!   But how do you do that?  Where do you buy the supplies?  Let’s get started & find out!


This is my wall.  I’m showing you this so you understand how much art I may have to wrap and the challenges some of my work presents.


I also have an installation piece I’m selling off piecemeal.  Dimensional work is a pain in the ass!  Thankfully, most of you don’t have to worry about this.  That means you won’t need a fraction of what I need to bring with me.

offTheWallBagThis is the bag & items I will bring with me on June 10.  There’s a slideshow at the very bottom of the page that shows exactly what’s in it.

>> You will probably not need half of this!!  <<

The contents of this bag will allow me to wrap, bag, and/or box all of the artwork I have on display.  The only other thing I will bring is a small table….and maybe some bubble wrap just to be safe.  The room my artwork is in has a large empty area in the center so space isn’t an issue for me (or for my space mates in this regard)





What you need will depend on your art.

  • How many pieces do you have on display?
  • How large are your pieces?
  • Is your work flat or dimensional?
  • Is your work framed? (corner pieces are good to have if you do)

Answering those questions will give you the basis for what you need.  For example:

Let’s say you’re a photographer.  Your pieces are all framed and each is 16″ x 20″.  There are 6 total pieces.  You should be fine with a single decent sized roll of bubble wrap.  It’s good form to have corner pieces for your frames but an extra layer of bubble wrap will do in a pinch.  You will also need scissors and tape.  A receipt book for cash transactions is a good idea.  You could fit all of that into a large tote bag and it will cost you next to nothing!

Note:  Bags are only useful if you have smaller works of art.  If everything you have is over 12″ in any dimension, don’t worry about bags, just wrap it up (keep going for a section on what that means)

Most of you will only need a roll of bubble wrap (or brown paper), scissors, tape, and a receipt book.

Receipt books are recommended.  For those who have work that is simply too large, heavy or awkward to wrap, a receipt will help the poor volunteers who are working June 10 know that the work was sold & not stolen.


Where to buy supplies:

Wal-Mart stores vary a bit but are going to be one of the cheapest one-stop-shops for all your needs.  In my local store there’s an aisle that starts with pens & printer paper.  At the other end of it you’ll find cash boxes & receipt books,  The next aisle has boxes, bubble wrap, brown kraft paper, tape, scissors and other packing materials.  Sometimes tissue paper is over by the greeting cards, it depends on the store.

What if you don’t have a Wal-mart (or hate Wal-Mart)?

  • Staples & Office Depot carry bags, boxes, receipt books, bubble wrap, tissue paper, kraft paper, tape, scissors, etc. These stores can be pricey but they’ll have everything you need too.
  • The Dollar Store & Five Below often carry an assortment of these items.  What they carry varies on the chain & the location so you’ll need to plan ahead.
  • Micheal’s Arts & Crafts & JoAnn’s carry many of these items too.  They can be a bit overpriced so download their apps so you can get the 50% off coupon (they may still print them in the newspaper but I haven’t subscribed to on in years so I don’t know if Sunday coupons are still a thing).
  • Home Depot & Lowe’s.  They both sell large rolls of brown construction-grade paper. This is what I use for larger pieces.  It’s stronger than kraft paper & usually much cheaper.  At my local Home Depot, this is in the paint section.  They also sell bubble wrap.  This is the link to the brown paper at (Pro Tip:  buy it online & pick it up in store.  No wandering around looking for it)
  • Amazon.  I created a section at the bottom with links to useful stuff.  


Where to get FREE supplies:

  • You’ll need to find the one for your local area.  People who have recently moved often offer bubble wrap & other materials for free.
  • Check out the “group” section on Facebook.  There are several Freecycle & related FB groups for my area, yours may also have some.
  • Friends, family & neighbors!  Never underestimate what people have laying around in their homes.
  • For future events (it’s probably a bit late for this now), I save all the packing papers & bubble wrap that I get from Amazon….I order something at least once a week.  Thankfully I have some space in my house for this.  If you have some extra room, save materials in advance.  I also save Amazon boxes for when I ship pieces I sell online.  I save gift bags at the holidays & birthdays (especially the non-religious or overtly holiday themed bags) to reuse for art.


What do you mean when you say “wrap your art?”


Sold Art |
All wrapped up!

The picture to the left illustrates this nicely.  This is one of the pieces I sold at Artomatic 2015.  As you can see it was long & thin, which made a box or bag impractical.

<<  If you have all larger pieces, this is literally all you’ll have to worry about doing.

The green twine is a nice touch but one that is easier to do when your client isn’t waiting.  If you have time, and the inclination, great.  If not, don’t feel bad.  The twine does make it easy to attach a ‘thank you’ card.

Thank you cards are optional of course.  Personally, I will make sure all of the clients who have already purchased art get one.  In the photo that shows my rolling bag, you’ll notice that there are two packs of cards packed up.  I will preemptively fill a few out because I think it’s a nice touch.  It’s also a good place to put a business card.  😉  Bring a hole punch if you are going to do this method……or tuck the card into the package.


Some of you will be wrapping art on the floor.  I know this.  I’ve done it.  There’s no shame in sitting on the floor to carefully wrap your precious creation!  Your clients will appreciate it!



This is best if you have a Prime membership.  I didn’t price-shop these, I just grabbed the first items I came across.  Nearly all of them are feature free Prime delivery.


 YOU GOT THIS!  Just a bit of planning is all it takes.

….. but if you really don’t ‘got’ this, feel free to email me or PM me on Facebook (or Twitter, or wherever LOL).

Lastly, here’s a slideshow of the actual contents on my bag (sans giant roll of brown paper)

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